Kendama World Cup Hatsukaichi 2018 Kendama World Cup Hatsukaichi 2018 7.21SAT-7.22SUN 7.21SAT-7.22SUN

Hiroshima Hatsukaichi Sports Center Suncherry

Kendama Players from around the world will gather at the birthplace of the game: Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima!

Two electrifying days of international exchange and players battling it out for the world Champion!

Since 2014, Kendama World Cup has grown every year to become the world’s largest Kendama event. In 2017, 387 competitors from 14 countries participated in front of over 50,000 audience members. Kendama World Cup is drawing more and more attention from people not only in Japan, but all over the world!

Let’s push Kendama World Cup to the next level! Even more fun, even more global!

To spread Kendama love more and more!
To hold preliminary competitions domestically and abroad!
To invite players from five continents! 
To increase cash prize!
To take steps towards making Kendama an Olympic sport!

With these goals in mind, Global Kendamas Network is seeking contributions to our crowdfunding project. We hope you will consider supporting our cause.

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