Introducing Mugen musou – Shiguchi Maple/Wenge!

  • Zoomadanke

    The world famous kendama performance duo. All the kendama they have used on the stages are Mugen Musou. They are the one who has been using mugen musou for the longest time.

    Noboru × Midori

    Kendama team based in Tokyo, Japan. They have always been following Japanese and worldwide kendama scene and history for a long time. They are really knowledgeable to kendama with huge love. When it comes to Noboru, he has also been referred to as the secret boss of kendama world. New members wanted!

  • Shonan Kendama Team

    Famous kendama team based in japan. 3 of team members are sponsored by Kendama Company. Spreading kendama love with different point of perspective. Go check SKTv hosted by Junya and Hinata!

Wenge is a tree that grows in central part of Africa. It grows up to 18 m height and diameter of 0.6m. After drying, wenge becomes really stable and shock resistant without any shrinkage. It is very beautiful wood with black grain of the stripe. After some breaking in period, grain pops up and increases friction to stabilize the stall tricks.

Hard maple is a family of deciduous broad-leaved maple grows in Canada and the northeastern United States. Which is really strong to the impact, so kendama will less likely to get damaged because of excellent durability. In addition of using hard wood, it will definitely satisfy you with great spike sound.

The Micro grip paint uses fine micro particles. Stickiness and grip feeling is made out of micro particles fixed into the wood and wood grain using solvent.



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