Mugen Musou -Six Elements-

We are proud to announce New another Mugen Musou – Six Elements-!
Six Elements will be released at KWC 2016!
Mugen Musou Shiguchi used a technique called ”Shiguchi” which connected 3 piece of wood by inserting keyaki piece. But this time Ebony and Paduak piece are implanted into maple tama.

Used Ebony and Paduak to make 6 implanted points around the hole, and also bevel on the tama is made out of Ebony which gives better tracking of the hole. Dual angled edge bevel will help consistency of tricks with 21.5mm sized hole.

Same as Shiguchi Musou, Tama and 3 of the cups are painted with matt finished micro grip paint. This paint gives perfect amount of stickiness + slipperiness right out of the box.

Limited amount of Mugen Musou -Six Elements- will be released at KWC venue.
On July 23rd, Saturday, we are going to give out numbered ticket at GLOKEN booth outside.

【Live micro grip paint by Kazuma Iwata at KWC 2016!】
If you buy a Mugen Musou at KWC2016, you can get a free ticket for Kazuma’s Micro Grip live paint. You definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity!
On July 23rd, Saturday, 9:30 AM~ we are going to give out numbered ticket at GLOKEN booth outside for live painting.

Free:Mugen Musou which purchased at KWC2016.
¥1,000: Mugen Musou which purchased before KWC2016.
¥2,500: Any other kendama brand.




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