Zoomadanke Ruby Red

Zoomadanke, a professional kendama performer duo, attracts people here in Japan
and abroad and appeals the attraction of kendama internationally.

So many people have been captured by their performance and started to enjoy playing kendama, which grows the community bigger day by day.

Zoomadanke Ruby Red_01

*”Utakata” Zoomadanke’s performance

GLOKEN and Mugen Musou not only support Zoomadanke officially, but also respect their incomparable style and great power to keep the activities which are loved all over the world.

We are so happy to announce you the release of Mugen Musou new color “Zoomadanke Ruby Red”, the same color of Musou that Zoomadanke uses at their performance. We are very excited about this amazing collaborative work with Zoomadanke too, because this is something we have dreamed of for long time. We hope you will grab one and enjoy playing with it.

We have also launched “Zoomadanke Ruby Red Edit” which shows a part of the hand finishing process of Musous by Kazuma Iwata.

– International pre-order starts at noon, on Thursday, March 5, Japan Time.
March 5, 03h00m(GMT)
March 4, 22h00m(EST)
March 4, 21h00m(CST)
March 4, 20h00m(MST)
March 4, 19h00m(PST)
March 4, 17h00m(HST)

– Our delivery will start on Wednesday, March 11.

– Zoomadanke Ruby Red : 143.50USD each, shipping & handling not included.
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