Meteor-Blue & Whiskey Brown

Dear Musou fans,

Thanks to you all, it’s been a year since the first Mugen Musou public release in November, 2013. We were able to get through the past one year all because of your support. I really appreciate it.

Our best friends from Kendama USA, KROM and Sweets Kendamas came and joined us for Musou Jam, celebrating the first public release of Musou, on “Cat Street” in Harajuku, Tokyo, and we had an amazingly wonderful time with hundreds of kendama players there. That evening turned out to be a historic day for Mugen Musou and GLOKEN.

Since then, there has been various events such as “Kendama World Cup” or “Catch & Flow” and so on. I hope many players were able to met new players and built good relationships by playing kendama. It’s not too much to say that the kendama world (spreading from our hands) is infinite like the universe for all the kendama lovers.

One of the new colors of Musou is “Meteor-Blue”, which makes you feel the expansion of the universe, and the other is “Whiskey Brown” – Kazuma has got inspiration from the whiskey given by Colin Sander, the Godfather of kendama world in the United States, as a gift at the Musou Jam last year.

This will be the last Musou release of this year and you’ll receive by the Christmas day.

We are looking for your order. Thank you.

Pre-order starts at 10 pm, on Friday, December 5, Japan Time.
Our delivery will start on Friday, December 12.

Mugen Musou – Meteor-Blue
– 148.50 USD each, shipping & handling not included.
– 200 pieces are released online.

Mugen Musou – Whiskey Brown
– 148.50 USD each, shipping & handling not included.
– 200 pieces are released online.

Products’ photos will be available soon.

We will restock both Meteor-Blue and Whiskey Brown by January 2015.

Best Regards,
Tamotsu Kubota

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