Kendama World Cup Hatsukaichi 2019 Entry

【Entry Requirement】

All kendama players not less than 13 years old (born April 1, 2007 or before).
Players under 13 years of age must have permission to enter the Competition from a parent/guardian to be eligible to enter.

【How to Enter】

・Pick your KWC tour package and make a payment.

【Tour Schedule】

*Please be sure to land in Osaka on 17th or before to attend the tour

Thursday, July 18
Tour starts from Osaka (The closest airport is Kansai International Airport KIX).
10AM; Meet at Shin-Osaka station bus parking Lot
11AM; Depart Shin-Osaka Station and head to Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima by bus

Friday, July 19
Free & Practice day

Saturday, July 20
Kendama World Cup – Day 1 – Qualifying round

Sunday, July 21
Kendama World Cup – Day 2 – Final Awards ceremony & After party

Monday, July 22
Free & Filming day

Tuesday, July 23
Back to Osaka & Goodbyes

【Tour Package Option】

– Standard Full Package $420.00 – includes

Round trip bus transportation between Osaka and Hatsukaichi,
5 nights stay at standard Dama Village (Omotenashi Hostel),
Shower, Bunk bed dormitory room only,
Simple breakfast,
local transportation for 3 days,
KWC2019 entry fee

– Bus Only $170.00 – includes
Round trip bus transportation between Osaka and Hatsukaichi. Please note the bus only stops at Dama Village(Omotenashi Hostel), in Hatsukaichi. (Accommodation, KWC2019 entry fee and local transportation NOT INCLUDED)

-Competition Only $99.00 – includes
KWC2019 entry fee only.

-Accommodation Only (Omotenashi Hostel) $210.00 – includes
5 nights stay at Dama Village (Omotenashi Hostel) in Hatsukaichi,Simple breakfast, Local transportation for 3 days. (Bus transportation and KWC2019 entry fee NOT INCLUDED

Standard Full Package



  • Sanga

  • Ozora

  • Apparel & Accessories



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