1st GLOKEN Kendama Video Contest ‘Mugen’

1st GLOKEN Kendama Video Contest “Mugen”

Take part in the “Mugen” video message contest!
Show how you love kendama and desire to bring Mugen back!

Updated on 16th February 2013
Do Something Kendaful !


Closed the entry form. Thank you for your entry!!
We have received 26 entries to the Contest. We’ll translate all the messages and show them to Mr.Kazuma !

The result judged by Kazuma will be displayed on 25th March 2013.
Many thanks for your collaboration with us.

Updated on 19th March 2013
Do Something Kendaful !


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Why GLOKEN Holds this Contest

GLOKEN has told Mr. Kazuma Iwata, the Mugen craftsman, about strong sales of the Mugen tamas in January. He is very happy and satisfied with the result that all the Tamas were sold out in 3 weeks, and realized thousands of fans are waiting for the new Mugen.

On the other hand Kazuma is also a craftsman of Kumano-fude, Japanese traditional high quality makeup brushes, he has his hands full with them today.

In addition, there are some copyright issues of kendamas in Japan, Kazuma notes our request but unfortunately he hasn’t said yes yet.

Therefore, GLOKEN holds the Video Message Contest to make up his mind to start producing kendamas again soon.

We really want to let Kazuma know your passions, and we will do our best for the new Mugen.

Let’s make our dreams come true!

Awards and Prizes

A total of 5 winners will receive awards, ranking from 1st through 5th Prizes.
A further 1 entrant will also be selected as a winner for the GLOKEN Special Award.

1st Prize (1 person): Kotobuki-Blue Mugen (without original package)
2nd Prize (1 person): Wine Mugen
3rd-5th Prizes (3 persons): Sky Mugen Tama(s)

GLOKEN Special Award (1 person): Pink Mugen Tama

※キャプション:Kotobuki-Mugen (BLUE)



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