Photos of GLOKEN Kendama Photo Contest 2012 2nd

The WINNERS of the 2nd GLOKEN Photo Contest


1st KENundawater

Due to the hot tropical weather we have in Malaysia, I guess its not bad of an idea to get some wet kendama action underwater.

Fahim bin Fadzlishah (Malaysia) 487 points


2nd Lost in the mountains

I hiked with my Snowboard on the top of this swiss mountain for making the photo. You can see that playing Kendama is not only possible in the cities. All around the world you CAN play Kendama, also on a top of a mountain! It was really cold (-10 degrees), but I think it’s a great picture!! After that shot I had an awesome powder run! Successful day for me!

Daniela von Rohr (Switzerland) 376 pts


3rd Jake eye on the prize

This is a photo of Jake Wiens at home in the famous KenGarden. I shot this one awhile ago but figured it was perfect for this comp because I felt like there is a lot of action in this shot from the kendama, to the look on his eyes. Hope you guys enjoy. Also he is playing on a version 1 yellow sunrise. I also tried to have only the string in focus which i think worked out nicely, and created a nice foreground, background and middle ground.

Matthew Rice (USA) 371 pts


4th けん玉で一休み(Rest on the kendama)

Takahiro Oshiro (Japan) 350 pts


5th Multitasking

Snowboarding and kendama are two of my favourite things to do, so I decided to try doing both at once! Frontside 50-50 jumping stick.

Alex Smith (Canada) 330 pts


6th Flash Storm

For Kendama Action I wanted to capture multiple points of action within one frame. In this picture of Matt Rice doing a tornado in front of San Francisco City Hall I have captured the movement and full cycle of the trick within one shot. Please note that this is all in camera and no photoshop was used for this effect. I set my camera for a long expsure to capture the buildings, plants, and the moon. As the shutter is open I fire a flash multiple times to freeze the subject in different positions. This creates the effect in the photo.

Jake Wiens (USA) 301 pts


6th Lunar ho

This is a picture of me raging the Kendom while I was in Chile on one of their last remaining glaciers

aron Paul (USA) 301 pts


8th Stay cool and play free

the motivation of the photo is take Action and feel free to play outsite no matter what the tempeture is.

Alex Ruisch (The Netherlands) 291 pts


9th Winter Kendamaland

It was snowing like crazy outside and I got inspired to try a new trick. No matter what the weather you must kendama!

Matt Sweets Jorgenson (USA) 285 pts


GLOKEN Special Award Girls day out

It was taken by my girlfriends when they were in Egypt a few weeks ago.They are all regular kendama players who was at the beech impressing all the boys.

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