Cancellation of Woodone Kendama World Cup Hatsukaichi 2020

Dear Kendama Lovers,

We have had many discussions on the possibilities of holding Kendama World Cup Hatsukaichi 2020 (KWC2020)
with the committee and sponsors of KWC2020, it is with great regret that we have decided that KWC2020 scheduled in August will be cancelled due to public health concerns linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

As for the trick videos we have shot or submitted from all over the world, we will make use them for the next KWC gathering in Hatsukaichi and the official KWC2020 tricks will not be released. We apologize to everyone who has been looking forward to new KWC 2020 tricks.

Although KWC2020 gathering has been canceled, KWC is a very important event for kendama lovers, being an opportunity to decide the world’s best kendama player for the year.

Like all of you, we at the GLOKEN are currently dealing with unprecedented challenges and uncertainty. We are still hoping that the Kendama World Cup will be part of the summer this year and we are planning to hold the KWC2020 Online instead as an exciting event to make all kendama players enjoy gathering online. The details of KWC2020 online will be announced by the end of May.

We appreciate your understanding of our decision in order to keep the health and safety of all of those who come together to make KWC happen and prevent the spreading of coronavirus.

April 29, 2020
Tamotsu Kubota




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