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Kendama World Cup 2015 

Dama players in the world!!!

Now it's official, Kendama World Cup 2015 is going to be on the 18th and 19th July in Hatsukaichi city, Hiroshima Japan.


The tour will be starting from the 16th-21st. We are super excited to see you here at the birthplace of kendama and share awesome yabai times with you all!!! Stay tuned for more info!

More info about the Kendama World Cup 2015

What's GLOKEN ?

Global Kendamas Network (GLOKEN) was established in Japan in June, 2012. Our goal is to build relationships among kendama players and make kendama popular around the world.


We provide information about kendama, and hold kendama photo contests, video contests and kendama meetings such as GLOKEN’s cup.

We also join or sponsor various kendama events and competitions worldwide.


We hope to play a prominent role in the international kendama community through those activities and to help launch the highest quality kendama.

GLOKEN continues to share the kendama’s appeal and build up a world-wide kendama players’ network full of respect and admiration for one another from the birthplace of kendama.


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Instagram Account Opened!!
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-GLOKEN news- 4th October 2014

Musou -Chocolat- released  !!

-GLOKEN news- 29th September 2014

Information of Musou -Chocolat- released  !!

-GLOKEN news- 21st August 2014

'Peach' & 'Prism Blue' Released !

-GLOKEN news- 15th August 2014

Information of 'Peach' & 'Prism Blue' Updated !

-GLOKEN news- 19th June 2014

Information of Musou -Amethyst- released  !!

-GLOKEN news- 1st June 2014

Musou Delight Green Public Released !!

-GLOKEN news- 25th April 2014


-GLOKEN news- 11th April 2014

Sakura Pearl Public Released !!

-GLOKEN news- 31st March 2014

Information on Sakura Pearl Updated !

-GLOKEN news- 5th February 2014

Information on Mugen Musou Updated !

-GLOKEN news- 31th October 2013

Mugen Musou Public Released !!

-GLOKEN news- 25th October 2013

New Mugen Project Updated

-GLOKEN news- 10th September 2013

New Arrival on GLOKEN's Shop Displayed

-GLOKEN news- 31th August 2013

Mr. Imada's Callygraphy Kendamas Displayed

-GLOKEN news- 24th July 2013

Trial Painting on new Mugen



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